Frames without frames


"This theory stuff is dope, but can't you show me these frames in action?". Sure. Though at the moment, there's only the one "real" example.


Except it's bust since Sherm retrofitted his Sourceforge pages and all I was doing was overriding a few styles in the css files that no longer exist...

A retrofit of a design I originally did back in 2002 for Sherm Pendley's CamelBones project.

The page is identical to the original, bar for the url encoding of the buttons to ensure validation and, more crucially, the addition of 2 external css files, camelbones.css and camelbones_ie.css. These simply set the positions and overflows as before. The only weirdness to explain is the overiding of the background-scroll property for several elements - Opera copes with the fixed value in the original differently to other browsers (though I forget which approach is correct) and so this just puts things back to "normal".

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  1. Introduction
  2. Basic layout
  3. Using ems
  4. Using percentages
  5. Using fixed rather than absolute
  6. Interlocking - Can regular frames do this?
  7. What about iframes?
  8. Scalable with centered header and footer
  9. Scalable with centered header and footer (and no expressions) - a reprise
  10. Scalable again - but fixed
  11. Examples

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